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All About Portia

Imagine my surprise, when at a cocktail party, I overheard a conversation detailing the sale of panties. Used panties. Was such a thing even possible?
So I did what every good girl of the modern age does. I googled it. I was intrigued. Could I sell my pretty, lacy or plain jane panties? Could this be a way to refresh my extensive collection and have a little fun in the process? Might this be the way to make some money? Could I really be just a little naughty, possibly every day and no one would know? Well no one except the lucky person getting those panties?
And three years later, I am still going strong. I took a break, when my site was hacked and my life got a bit crazy.
But I am back. Why?
Because I enjoy this and because I think I offer a very lovely experience for the panty lover.
Been a long time fan. First of all, thank you!
Will it be the same as before?
More or less. Less photos and less blog posts! All that free content, just wasn’t enough for some folks, so I am streamlining and making it easier on myself.
But rest assured PantyLovers! We are still going to have a great time.


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