Welcome to my new and improved, reinvented website. My hope is it is simpler, sexier, and easier for us both.

I am an experienced panty seller. Do say Hello— if you see something that strikes your fancy.  Not seeing what you had hoped for, still say hello… new panties are coming into my collection all the time and I am happy to guide you as consider your purchase.

My Lingerie Chest



**St. Patricks Day Special***

You feeling lucky? Potluck panties it is… you tell me if you like bikini, traditional panties or a thong and I will pick one of my favs and wear it just for you. What a lovely surprise. Panties not your thing– I can wear a cami or tank for you… or want some socks– I’m happy to do that too….

These panties are $25 for 36 hours of wear.  I will include a Valentine note, an email update and 1-2 photos of me in the panties/selected item. Shipping in the US is $5.



Here are the items I currently have for sale…

Standard offering…

The item in the photo, plus 2 quick photos, of me wearing your item. An email when I start wearing your item and an email confirming I have mailed your item. Standard wear time is 24-36 hours. I find this wearing time makes for the optimal panty experience, for both of us. I will wear items for 48 hours upon request.

For items like sleepwear, we can discuss the time frame.

I do often take special requests. So ask nicely.

Shipping is USPS priority or 1st class mail with tracking. I charge a flat rate of $5 shipping in the lower 48. Alaska and Hawaii priced upon request.

All About Portia

Imagine my surprise, when at a cocktail party, I overheard a conversation detailing the sale of panties. Used panties. Was such a thing even possible? So I did what every good girl of the modern age does. I googled it. I was intrigued. Could I sell my pretty, lacy or plain jane panties? Could this be a way to refresh my extensive collection and have a little fun in the process? Might this be the way to make some money? Could I really be just a little naughty, possibly every day and no one would know? Well no one except the lucky person getting those panties?

And five years later, I am still going strong. I took a break, when my site was hacked and my life got a bit crazy.

But I am back.


Because I enjoy this and because I think I offer a very lovely experience for the panty lover. Been a long time fan. First of all, thank you! Will it be the same as before?

More or less.

Less photos and less blog posts! All that free content, just wasn’t enough for some folks, so I am streamlining and making it easier on myself.

But rest assured PantyLovers! We are still going to have a great time.

Because let’s be honest– this really is about both of us having a good time.


I’m Back…

It has taken awhile, but Darlings– I am back. I have rebuilt from the ground up.  I have streamlined my website with a new theme. I will be the first to admit that this first version of my site– is a soft release, as I spend some time, recreating some content and getting cosy with …